Business to Consumer Marketing

Digital Sales Channels

Building a Place Where Visitors Turn into Leads and Sales

We don’t build a website. We build Digital Sales Channels for clients. We believe a website should perform as if it were a digital sales person. Our design methodology coverts 2 to 4 times higher than brochure designed sites.

Digital Direct Mail-Targeting Home IP Address

IP Targeting does not use cookies, and that is revolutionary in the digital advertising world. The patent pending IP algorithm determines the IP address based on the physical address, which is then used for precise digital ad targeting at the IP/router level. Household IP Targeting is beneficial for advertisers because it incorporates offline data; i.e., registered voter lists, customer databases, modeled data, and direct mail data.

Most contemporary digital products can only target with cookies online. However, this is 100% cookie free. When using household IP Targeting, one can target at a 1:1 level by targeting the individual household. By doing so, we vastly eliminate fraud and the threat of non-human traffic. We can guarantee with 95% accuracy that your digital ad being served is viewed by a real person. Leverage offline data, CRM lists, and conquest data rather than behavioral data found within inaccurate cookies.

Big Data Display Advertising

Delivering Your Message to Your Target in a Trackable Way

Be where your customers are searching, when they’re searching. Depending on the Audiences you want to target, we would recommend one or a combination of Google AdWords, Google Big Data Artificial Intelligence Display Advertising, You Tube Advertising, Geofence Competitors Stores/Locations Remarketing Advertising, Facebook Lead Generation, Competitors Website Remarketing, Mobile Location Advertising and or Ringless Voice Message Lead Generation. For retailers we drive consumers to a landing page which has the option to print the offer or send to mobile for redemption in store. We are a Google Certified Partner, and are certified on all of their advertising platforms. We are also a Facebook Blueprint Partner.

Email Marketing

Turn your leads into customers by being with them at every step in their decision-making process. Using email marketing, we can cost-effectively deliver your message, nurture your leads, and help you turn them. We are experts at design and list managing whether it’s your list, we rent a list, or purchase a list.

Mobile Apps

Unlock the power of your data to grow your business with a Mobile App. Over the last 10 years, our mobile app partner has built one of the most advanced in-app mobile app engagement and loyalty platforms in the world and over 300 mobile applications across numerous industries such as retail, manufacturing, distribution, micro-markets/vending, not-for-profits, entertainment, sports, health and wellness, education and financial services.

Collect and Win Games, Scratch Off Cards & Sweepstakes

We create custom print, online, on pack and mobile game promotions to drive sales, traffic and basket size to retailers and brands.

Prediction and Prize Coverage Promotion

Probability games and skill contests are the perfect avenue for offering life-changing prizes. A large prize ($25,000, $100,000, $1,000,000 or even up to $1 billion) can be offered with zero risk. In the event one contestant beats the odds, Prize Insurance pays.

Store Direct Mail and Mobile Traffic Promotion

Traffic Ticket

The TrafficTickets™ system is your ticket to the highest traffic level you can imagine. It’s not a scratch off, It’s not a match to win. It’s an interactive promotional technology. The TrafficTicket tells consumers electronically while visually showing what they won, but only after they come into your store or event and inserting the TrafficTicket into your point of sale display. We achieve 3% for low frequent visit businesses and up to 35% for high frequent businesses.

Peel A Deal Mailer

Peel-A-Deal® is a unique form of coupon promotion in a credit card format that customers love! To use, you simply peel off a prepaid service or discount for a product and redeem. The coupon is then attached to a tracking record or sales receipt to provide accurate redemption rates. The credit card size is convenient to keep in a wallet, or purse, making it easy to use by everyone! The patent direct mail campaign achieves up to 4 times the coupon redemption from postcard to circular coupon flyers.

Gift with Purchase and Display Promotions

We create high quality, high perceived value, branded premium promotions.

MobiDecoder Traffic Promotion

We turn any smartphone or mobile device into an interactive digital game piece by using our proven platform to engage consumers in a unique and innovative way that shows your company understands the future of digital marketing.

Participants text a specific keyword by SMS to a short code and receives a link that serves hidden images on their mobile devices which they are then able to reveal using on-site decoding stations or hand-held verifiers. We achieve 3% for low frequent visit businesses and up to 35% for high frequent businesses.

Prize Pad Game Event Marketing Promotion

It has never been easier to drive waves of customers to your next event, trade show, or retail location.

Use PrizePad at your next event and be amazed as prospects eagerly line up to play your branded game for a chance to win exciting prizes, instantly! With just the click of a button, you will collect consumer data and deliver your marketing message seamlessly and effortlessly.

Gift with Purchase and Display Promotions

We create high quality, high perceived value, branded premium promotions for gift with purchase, gift with quote in pack gift or display gift.

B2C Case Studies

Prize Coverage Promotion

Golfsmith needed a better reason for the golf customers to shop at their store. They partnered with Callaway to promote Callaway driver sales in March. If Phil wins at Augusta, your Callaway driver is free. Sales and Phil were victorious. Over a million dollars in driver sales were covered with prize coverage insurance.

Win with Phil

Custom Premium Gift with Purchase

Our client wanted to increase sales during the Minnesota cold winter months when sales decline significantly. We recommended partnering with Coca Cola, who is a Super Bowl sponsor, and created the Super Size Meal. With purchase the consumer received a free NFL Super Tickets Poster. We went through 500,000 posters in the first two weeks of the campaign, which we had projected would take 4 weeks to go through. Sales were up significantly during the 30 day period.

Custom Premium Gift

Mobile Retail Store Traffic Promotion

Our client hired us to bring consumers into their Sprint stores. We recommended using our Mobile promotion where you text a key word to the number and then the game piece appears on your phone. The consumer is motivated to come into the Sprint store because it’s the only way to see what they won. We ran this promotion five times with hundreds of stores and over one hundred thousands consumers. We achieved approximately 8% of all the flyers handed out by the promo staff coming into a Sprint store. Approximately 55% were Sprint customers and 45% were non-Sprint customers.

Sprint Sales Bloom
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