//01 IP Targeting

01 IP Targeting

IP Targeting

Case Study:

  • The home improvement brand ran 27 separate campaigns across 17 different markets in the country during an 18-month time span. 1.15 million targets received IP-targeted ads through the use of our patented technology, while a control group of ~1.74 million only received physical mail.
  • These individuals were targeted because of the age of their home, their household income, and if they were actual home owners.
  • Over 11 million impressions were served. Of this group, we found that our targets were 33% more likely to purchase from the home improvement brand.
  • The Return on Ad Spend was 1065%, making a $10 return on every $1 spent.
  • Lastly, we saw $1,930,000 in incremental sales attributed to these campaigns.
IP Targeting

Case Study:

  • The novelty of the Buffalo Wild Wings strategy was evident. Within the first two days of the campaign, the Click Through Rate soared to a .21% before settling to an industry-beating .1%.
  • What’s more important, though, is that those who received IP-targeted ads resulted 35% more likely to enter the restaurant and take advantage of the offer.

Case Study:

  • Historically, Asylum only stays open 14 days per season with peak attendance the weeks leading up to Halloween. 2015 was one of Louisville’s rainiest Halloween seasons and it had to shut down for five of the fourteen days, one of those days would have been their highest grossing night of the year.
  • Despite the poor weather, Asylum still saw 30% growth in ticket sales, revenue, and crowd attendance, which they 100% attribute to the digital advertising they did through El Toro.
  • The advanced targeting has enabled them to reduce their per-customer advertising costs by 27%, allowing them to grow their customer base without increasing their marketing budgets.
  • These results further compounded in the 2016 Halloween season, realizing another 30% growth over the previous year. The Asylum Haunted Scream Park not only embraces zombies and chainsaws, but also digital advertising without the use of cookies.
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