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Digital Sales Channels

Building a Place Where Visitors Turn into Leads and Sales

We don’t build a website. We build Digital Sales Channels for clients. We believe a website should perform as if it were a digital sales person. Our design methodology coverts 2 to 4 times higher than brochure designed sites.

Digital Direct Mail-Targeting Venue IP Address

Realtime online IP targeting by matching IP addresses to physical mailing addresses. Serving IP targeted display ads & IP targeted video without cookies. Venue Replay allows you to capture people’s Device ID’s at events they attend, where they work, where they study, where they shop, all with the intent to advertise to this high value audience. This is done by using geoframing technology. With Venue Replay, we can even go back in time and capture devices from events that happened up to 6 months ago! Venue Replay then attributes a likely home address of those devices seen at the chosen event. From there, we are able to target that home network with digital banner ads using our prime technology, IP Targeting.

Big Data Display Advertising

Delivering Your Message to Your Target in a Trackable Way

Be where your customers are searching, when they’re searching. Depending on the Audiences you want to target. We would recommend one or a combination of Google AdWords, Big Data Artificial Intelligence Display Advertising, You Tube Advertising, Facebook Lead Generation, LinkedIn Lead Generation, Competitors Website Remarketing, Mobile Location Advertising and or Ringless Voice Message Lead Generation. We are a Google Certified Partner, and are certified on all of their advertising platforms. We are also a Facebook Blueprint Partner.

Email Marketing and Lead Generation

Turn your leads into customers by being with them at every step in their decision-making process. Using email marketing, we can cost-effectively deliver your message, nurture your leads, and help you turn them. We are experts at design and list managing, whether it’s your list, we rent a list, or purchase a list.

Website Visitor Lead Capture Software

Let’s remember that a business website has two purposes: 1. to get traffic 2. to convert that traffic into leads, prospects, and/or sales. That’s it, that’s all. With our software, we can give you up to 20% at a fraction of the cost you’re paying to build traffic to your website. We place code on your website which allows us to turn an IP Address into a Company Name, Contact Name, Phone Number, Email, Number of Visits, and Number of Page Views. Additionally, we can set a value on many activities to give a score to each visitor which allows you to determine who to follow up with right away. We are not able to capture the IP Address of the Company for those who visit using their mobile devices. That’s why we say up to 20%.

Mobile Apps

Unlock the power of your data to grow your business with a Mobile App. Over the last 10 years, our mobile app partner has built one of the most advanced in-app mobile app engagement and loyalty platforms in the world and over 300 mobile applications across numerous industries such as retail, manufacturing, distribution, micro-markets/vending, not-for-profits, entertainment, sports, health and wellness, education and financial services.

Direct Mail Appointment Generation

Dimensional Direct Mail that Motivates the Prospect to Say YES

You may not realize this but, you are competing with at least a dozen competitors and several dozen non- direct competitors who are seeking a meeting with the same customer prospect your salespeople are. Each one of these companies will promote that they have great products and services. So how do you stand out? Because traditional post cards and letter type direct mail goes directly into the trash can filing system. Our approach is to create dimensional direct mail which achieves 20% to 45% appointment rate success and speeds up the process of getting a meeting with the prospective customer.

Sales Incentives

Strategic, engaging sales incentive programs to help your sales team go from good to great.

Channel Marketing

Your distribution channel represents a variety of different brands every day. Let’s make your brand as important to your channel representatives as it is to you, all while leveraging your channel spend.

Referral Marketing

Referral Marketing is one of the best-kept secrets for lead and sales generation. Referrals are still the number one source of new customers.

Trade Show Marketing

Creating Booth Environments that Draw Customers In

We create trade show booth materials that make you stand out and be seen. We can help with everything from large-scale backdrops to pamphlets, product brochures, and business cards. 

Employee Recognition, Safety, Service and Wellness Performance Programs

A well-constructed employee recognition program pays dividends in engagement, loyalty and productivity. But it’s not about doling out cash or “employee-of-the-month” plaques. It’s about strategically building a culture of recognition. It’s about infusing employee recognition into the everyday life of your business.

We believe that recognition and rewards should be meticulously planned, strategic elements of your employee engagement program. They should identify and reinforce behaviors that are in line with your organization’s core values. This is your opportunity to say — both to the recipient and to everyone else — “This is what we stand for. This is what we are looking for among our team members.”

Sales Training Using Role Play Software

If 8% of the sales people produce 80% of sales, only 20% of your message is being delivered and if delivering critical messages by your associates are important. What would the impact to your bottom line be if your new hires and average sales people could perform like your top performers? Our Solution is called SpeakPoint which is an App Based Sales Practice Software available for IOS or Android devices. SpeakPoint has a proven process that will guarantee that your entire sales force will produce 80% or better delivering your messages. Every pilot using our process has resulted in a 10 % or more sales increase; it’s about deliberate practice.

Promotional Products, Premiums and Branded Apparel

The Advertising Medium that Sticks Around for an average of two years

Promotional Products allow you to create mobile billboards for your company and advertise on the go. We will select the most appropriate product or apparel to make sure your organization gets remembered.

B2B Case Studies

B2B Big Data Advertising and AdWords

The objective was to build Corporate Gift Business through Internet Channel in a very competitive category. We used several tactics to target corporate gift buyers that included Google Big Data Display Advertising and AdWords. We returned a 10 to 1 ROI with the first year investment.

Funky Chunky Inc

B2B Big Data Artificial Intelligence Display Advertising Program

Our client is an ecommerce company.  This Big Data Display Advertising campaign was designed to increase sales through ecommerce.  The goal was to get new customers. We ran a 90 Day campaign which generated 18.33% of ecommerce orders or 728 orders out of a  total of 3,792 ecommerce orders. Our clients pen sales were also up.

Gold Star Pens

B2B Big Data Artificial Intelligence
Display Advertising Lead Generation Program

Our client wanted to target companies with 1000 or more employees and C-Level HR Management to generate meetings. Over  4 months, we drove 300 people to their site and set up 80 meetings. The cost per meeting was $120. The close rate was very high from the campaign meetings that were generated.

Health EFX
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