About TAD Creative

TAD Creative is a B2B & B2C lead, traffic and sales generation agency.

We believe success is marketing is primary based on four primary factors: List, Sales Differentiation (Offer), Frequency and Creative.  And List and Sales Differentiation are 80% of the formula for success. To determine the best List(s) we first examine each our clients product/service audience(s) they wish to target. Then we examine each of these lists to determine which will give us the best ROI to reach the desired target audience(s). We define a list as follows:  SEO  or SEM or Social Media or Mailing Address or Email Address or Mobile Location or Device ID or Customer, or Sales Force or Channel Sales Force or Retailer/Store or Catalog or Phone Number or Trade Show/Event.  We are not married to any one of these Lists but we are experts at all of them with our $120 million in campaign creation experience. In addition, most people do not realize that an address or email list has up to 500 data points of information available to help identify the right audience to market to. For an example, a clients product was not well known for its use but it was a better option than what was commonly known application. We recommended a Key Word PPC campaign for those searching for that particular application and we bought an email list (192,000) homes valued at $250,000 that had at least 20% or more equity and at least $100,000 or more combined income. With this email list we can email, mail, we can match to their Facebook feed (25% is a normal match rate) and we can match to their Home IP ( 35% is normal non cookie based match rate) to place ads on websites and apps as they are on the internet. Sales Differentiation is the ability to “clearly” differentiate one brand from many others to make it easy for the prospective buyer to select the right brand. We believe that our List and Sales Differentiation expertise separates us from others you may be considering. And frequency is easy and just about everyone has good creative. The bottom line is very few agency’s understand the power of each of these List options and they do not have the expertise which takes years of experience to create a Sales Differentiation.

Our bench of expertise is very deep which includes Web Development, SEM, SEO, Social Media, Direct Mail, Email Marketing, Mobile Location Marketing, Anonymous Visitor Device ID Marketing, Phone # Marketing, Retail Traffic Promotions, Customer Promotions, Trade Show/Event Marketing, Sales and Employee Incentives, Channel Programs, Referral Marketing, Branded Media Advertising and much more which are sold through our Reseller Partners in the US and Canada.

Ted A. “Bump” Davies Jr. – President and Chief Creative Officer

Ted is in charge of business development and creative with direct clients and our partners’ clients. He has in-depth knowledge of gaining the right understanding of how a client goes to market then creating the right solutions for their needs. Industry Associations have recognized him seven times for the outstanding results he has achieved for his clients.

Creative Team

We have three creative teams that specialize in Digital Marketing and Website Design, Consumer Game Promotions and Consumer Direct Mail and Business to Business Direct Mail and Sales and Channel Marketing Programs.

Our Creative Services

Strategic business analysis of the clients marketing situation, copy writing, legal rules copy writing, graphic design, print management, photography management, video production, project management, project administration, prize and awards ordering, prize fulfillment and results analysis.

Portfolio of Success Stories

We have created over a 1000 campaigns with client billings exceeding $120,000,000. For 40 years we’ve helped clients increase leads, increase store traffic, increase sales and improve employee performance. On our B2B and B2C pages, we have a sampling of campaigns that demonstrate we are exceptional at what we do.