Mobile App

Prairie Life Fitness is one of the nation’s leading operators of health and fitness clubs, with 9 facilities in 4 states, 1,000 employees, and 30,000 members. The goal was to help them map out a comprehensive communications strategy that could increase engagement with members. The strategy incorporated push notices and special content that targeted specific user groups. The app now has 3 distinct levels of users: Free, Paid to Upgrade, and Working with a Personal Trainer.

By plugging the app directly into Moblico’s platform, Prairie Life could now target members with helpful push notification reminders—such as “Time to work out quads”—as well as helpful fitness suggestions and rewards for achieving specific goals, such as “Worked out 7 days in a row.” The result? The club now has better penetration into their user base, and more personalized engagement with members—who they can also prompt to bump up to their next level of fitness after they complete a goal. They can also “wake up” a user with a push notification after a long period of inactivity.

Prairie Life