Collect and Win Game with Two Online Bonus Games

Our client was experiencing declining sales due to a sluggish economy,  mass retailers and online retailers aggressively penetrating the grocery market. We recommended a collect and win game with two bonus online games to be run over a 12 week period. The shopper was awarded a game ticket with each transaction and a bonus ticket with each sponsor product purchased. We also used The Price Is Right license to create interest for the game. We designed a game for the consumer and a separate game for the employees. Besides traditional cash, cruise, and car type prizes, the consumer had many chances to win a life-changing prize of $1,000,000, with the odds of winning one in 500. The client budget was funded by participating brands. Sales turned around to a plus 3% for the campaign and remained positive the rest of the year. Our wealth of experience in designing games allowed the clients to be able promote $4.7 Million in prizes and one in five wins a prize with out counting free game tickets as prize.

Price is Right 1
Price is Right 2

Online Instant Win Game

Price is Right 3
Price is Right 4